Prologue to the first Edition

This is one of those documents which history has made necessary. The simple way in which the Harmony United technology has answered a few questions has raised so many more that it is no longer sufficient to say "Try it for yourself and see what happens."

What will be attempted here is to give definitive answers to all the "new" questions.

We are also mindful of the way in which the human mind will often have difficulties coming to terms with completely new experiences: Of the man visiting a zoo who, seeing a giraffe for the first time, stared at it dumbfounded for some twenty minutes and then turned away and said, "There ain't no such animal."

Part of our task will also be to make this revolution in the way in which mankind creates his technology such "everyday" public knowledge that the "giraffe syndrome" will disappear.

Our objective will be to add a new "chapter" to this file each month. Should pressure of work (or even pressure of holidays) occasionally not permit this, we trust that you will understand.

A Short History of the Technology:

Available Chapters

Prologue to the first Edition

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Chapter 2 - What the Bleep is Harmony United Technology?

Chapter 3 - So, What does the Harmony United Technology do then?

Chapter 4 - the Quantum Fields

Chapter 5 - The Informational Structure of A.I.D.S. etc.

Chapter 6: The Fear Code and its' Dissolution

Chapter 7: Information and Order.

Chapter 8 - Resonance and Freedom

Chapter 9: The Thymus Gland

Chapter 10: The Heart and Solar Plexus

Chapter 11: The Small of the Back

Chapter 12: The Ming Men point

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